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When an exterior concrete slab has past its prime there are two options. Remove and replace or Resurface! Removing an existing concrete slab can be expensive and wasteful. Resurfacing and renewing your slab rejuvenates the life of your concrete and can be standard or very decorative.

In this example our client was struggling with an ongoing problem. Sheet waterproofing material was placed over the slab and finished with exterior ceramic tile. This process looks good at first but Wisconsin winters can be brutal. Once moisture penetrates the freeze thaw action destroys from within rendering unsightly finishes and safety hazards.

HGSPC was here to help. After complete removal of the ceramic tile HGSPC repaired and resurfaced the concrete with Increte Spraydeck. This process incorporated a detailed stencil providing the impression of stamped concrete without the expense of removing the slab. The Increte Spraydeck material creates a monolithic layer that filled in any imperfections and left an impressive finish. With the appropriate sealer we offered our client a product that will be enjoyed for years.

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